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December 2013: Article: Robben Island Journey
October 2013: Review: Orenda by Joseph Boyden
October 2013: Article: Strangers in a Small Town – Algeria Suite
June, 2011:
National Magazine Awards: GOLD: in Politics & Public Interest category,
for the March 2010 Walrus piece on Renée Acoby
March, 2010: First prize, Creative Nonfiction, 2009 CBC Literary Awards
"skilfully crafted prose, reminiscent of Alice Munro." 
March, 2010: Life on the Instalment Plan for The Walrus
October, 2009: Elected as Chair, Writers in Prison Committee, PEN International

Marian Botsford Fraser
Thom Hayim Photography


To be a writer is to undertake a succession
of journeys, literal and imagined. Journeys
through time (the living of a life), through
the lives of other people, to foreign lands
and nearby towns, into new ideas, unexpected experiences, and unanticipated technologies.

My journey began in the mining community of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, where I knew, at the age of ten, that I wanted to be a writer. It has taken me to places as distant as Ellesmere Island in the Arctic, the market town of Blida in Algeria and the city of Wellington, New Zealand. I have learned to iron costumes, edit film, cut tape (before radio went digital), mix documentaries, do cartoon voices, and read whitewater rapids, as well as books.

Marian Botsford Fraser's Requiem for My Brother...
“... a very honest book, uncompromising and deeply affecting. Beautifully written, a meditation onfamilies and on how much of even those we are closest to remains unknown to us.”
—Nino Ricci

Cover of Requiem for My Brother